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Techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine

For most western people, they only know acupuncture and don't know traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, acupuncture is only one kind of technique that traditional Chinese medicine. Because acupuncture is so popular that almost everyone forget that it is only one technique of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete system of medical science, which includes knowledge of physiology, anatomy, diagnosis, basic theory, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and so on.

Right now in USA, most frequently used techniques of traditional Chinese Medicine include: Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Cupping, Bleeding method, and acupressure.


Doctor will use very thin needles to insert into patients' body, of course, needles will only insert certain points according different diseases. For example, if a person suffers from headache, doctor may insert some needles in the head area, hand and leg area. Different patients may be treated different points individually.

Herbal Medicine:

When a patient suffers from a disease, which can not or not suitable for acupuncture treatment, doctor may use herbal medicine to cure the disease. The formula that doctor gives to the patient is also personally, different patient, different age may result different formula even if they suffered from the same disease. In fact, herbal medicine is the main trend in China, Japan and other Asia countries. This is different situation from USA, where people usually know more about acupuncture than herbal medicine


This technique is to use a certain cup to absorb the patient's skin. Same way, doctor will choose certain points of patient according different disease. This method is used more frequently in the treatment of pain.


According to the theory of TCM, pain is caused by the block of Qi and Blood, so, for some patients who suffer from pain, doctor may use bleeding method to let the pain point bleeding to reduce the serious problem of the block of Qi and blood. This method is also used in pain treatment mostly.


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