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U.S. Regulation relating to Acupuncture and TCM

In the United States of America, acupuncture practice is a regulated medical service within 32 states. The practitioner must hold a state acknowledged license. Different states have different rules, the common thing is acupuncture must be regulated under state laws and regulations.

Up to date, most states of USA have already established a series regulations and laws to regulate the practice of acupuncture. Basic content of these regulations include: Establishment of license examination; Standard of practice; Administration of acupuncture; What is unprofessional conduct; Acupuncture corporation standard; and so on.

But there are still no standard regulations to herbal medicine. According to FDA, herbal medicine in America is still thought as food or diet supplement. We believe in the near future, FDA will establish a complete series rules to regulate the market of herbal medicine. Several hearings about herbal medicine have already held in congress in the last year.

For more regulations relating to acupuncture and herbal medicine, you can visit the web site of FDA.

Homepage of FDA.


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