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Our Human Tune-Up Program

Human tune-up program is designed to prevent some problems becoming serious diseases. Many people work so hard today and have no time to care about their health problems. But if you don't pay some attention to your little problems, these little problems may become more and more serious, in the last, some people will suffer really disease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have a very good function, which is known as preventive medicine. Spend little time with our doctors, you may save a lot of time and money supposed to be spent in the hospital. Here are some important facts you should know about our Human tune-up program:

Q: Why should you have a Human Tune-Up?
A: Just as automobiles need tuning up to prevent break down, and also as you teeth need cleaning every six months, people need Tune-Ups to find and correct small problems before they become big ones.

Q: What can a Human Tune-Up do for you?
A: A Human Tune-Up can correct a wide range of health problems and early stage of disease. which including:
headache, neck, and shoulder stiffness and pain.
asthma, emphysema, chronic coughing
upper back, lower back, legs or feet pain
improving memory
helping you look and feel younger
achieving your ideal body weight.

Q: How long should I get a Human Tune- Up?
A: Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are very effective for preventing problems, to ward off early signs of illness, as well as promoting healing of more advanced disease. Scheduling a Human Tune-Up every six months will keep your body in peak health, much as regular dental check-ups result in a healthy set of teeth.

Q: What is involved during a Human Tune- Up
A: Our doctor will quickly check out your problems by touching your pulse and watching your tongue. No instruments are involved. When a problem is detected. A combination of acupuncture, herbs, massage, and some special adjustment techniques are used to treat the problems appropriately.

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